Types of Yoga

Kristen teaches multiple yoga styles: Restorative Yoga, Family Yoga, Kids Yoga and Hatha Yoga. Contact us for more information: kristen@breathetobalance.com


restorative yoga

Our restorative yoga class will focus on relaxing the body, gently stretching, and breathing. The postures allow you to feel supported and comfortable. This class will provide the body an opportunity to rest, renew, and heal. The postures allow the mind to slow down and come into a restorative state allowing for creativity to flourish. Additionally, essential oils and eye pillows will be available inviting a sense of calm and peaceful state of being.


“Kristen is a wonderful yoga teacher! She loves sharing the joy of yoga with others and is a well informed, dedicated teacher.” Kate

family yoga

A joyful class that incorporates fun and interactive yoga activities for the whole family to enjoy! This class will explore sun salutations, partner poses, breathwork, and relaxation techniques that will leave the entire family feeling peaceful and more connected. Family Yoga provides an opportunity to bond as you move together mindfully while receiving and sharing in all the health benefitsand happiness that yoga brings.


kids yoga

This class will explore the world of yoga in a fun and playful way by tapping into the young yogi's natural love of the arts such as music, games, and creative expression. Movement, yoga mudras, breath work, partner poses, and relaxation activities are incorporated to develop body awareness, teach mindfulness, and manage stress. Give your little warrior this gift of yoga and the benefits will last a lifetime!


hatha yoga


Classical Hatha which will leave you well balanced, centered, calm, and ready for the evening. Hatha yoga teaches proper alignment and prepares the practitioner for deeper stages of meditation. Regular practice purifies the body and mind. It develops strength, flexibility, endurance, and steadiness, bringing greater balance on all levels- body, mind and spirit. Hatha yoga balances "ha"- solar/stimulating energy and "tha"- lunar/calming energy.